What is Changed Block Tracking?

by SEP Blog Team | Virtual Backup, Changed Block Tracking

Most modern backup solutions for virtual environments utilize a technology called Changed Block Tracking (CBT). CBT is an incremental backup technology for virtual machines that creates faster and...

Tips for Designing a Disaster Recovery Plan

by SEP Blog Team | Business Continuity, Data Recovery

Hope is not a good strategy,  when it comes to disaster recovery. Many business owners don’t really know what they would do if a major virus or hacker destroyed their data,  if a natural disaster...

Why Small Businesses Need Proactive Cybersecurity

by SEP Blog Team | Cybersecurity

It’s predicted that by 2021, cybercrime will cost the world $6 trillion annually. That’s double the $3 trillion tab cybercrime racked up in 2015. Ransomware damage costs alone are on track to hit