Backup Strategies for SUSE Linux and SUSE Enterprise Storage

by SEP Blog Team | Backup Strategy, SUSE Enterprise Storage, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, SAP HANA

SEP Backup and Disaster Recovery Software has been a certified solution for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) since version 7, released in 2001. This long-lasting partnership has grown since its inception to provide the SUSE community a high-performance data protection solution for all SUSE environments, including the latest releases of SLES and SUSE Enterprise Storage (SES). Secure and recoverable backups, including bare metal recovery, are key attributes of modern data availability and no organization can survive without reliable access to their data.

Failure to Backup Will Cost Greatly

Failure to backup will cost you money and possibly much more. Regardless of the size of your organization, regular verified backups are essential to your company’s progress. They are your insurance to retain customers and to retain the highest level of data integrity and availability.

Hard Drive Failure and Data Loss Statistics

Your hardware will fail at some point. Even if you are 100% virtualized or in the cloud, your data is tied to a physical device somewhere along the chain of command and physical disasters happen. The shift to virtual and cloud technologies has made data access better and faster and this has allowed companies to keep working through IT maintenance, updates, and changes. But this also means that your data recovery must also be better and faster.

Ransomware has become a common threat that can strike at any moment and is constantly evolving with every strike. At the end of the day, data is in the hands of humans and humans make errors; they delete data, they forget to log out, they forget to unplug, they open an email they shouldn’t, they click on a link they shouldn’t and one day, out of nowhere, your data is gone.

Data Protection for SLES

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) is a modern operating system with an open approach proven to reduce costs, increase availability, and improve overall system performance. SEP provides a complete data protection for all SLES environments, including end-to-end encryption, deduplication and fast Bare Metal Recovery. SEP has agents for every distribution of Linux, the SEP backup server can be run on SUSE Linux system, and SEP can protect Intel-based machines, IBM Power Server, and IBM LinuxONE from data loss.

Your Backup Solution for SAP on SLES is Here

SUSE, SAP and SEP have formed a partnership using their industry-leading technologies to provide a complete data protection solution for SAP HANA systems.

SEP Backup Software + SAP HANA Dababase + SUSE Operating System

SAP relies on the Linux platform to optimize its in-memory technology and engaged SUSE as a development and innovation partner to collaborate in the creation of the SLES for SAP Applications. SLES is the only operating system optimized for all mission-critical SAP software solutions and appliances.

SEP Software is an SAP certified data protection solution. SEP protects against data loss and can recover an entire SAP environment in the event of a disaster, hardware failure, ransomware or data corruption.

Secured Storage that Scales with Your Business

SUSE Enterprise Storage (SES) is a distributed storage solution designed for scalability, reliability and performance. Using an intelligent and automated storage system, SES is simple to manage and can easily reduce costs. SES is the ideal storage solution for many applications and archived data.

SEP supports all devices that are connected via standard interfaces. To attach an SEP Backup Server or an SEP Remote Device Server, you can use a number of interfaces including the three examples depicted below:

  1. RADOS Block Device (RBD) with file system – best performance when attaching SES directly as a block device with a file system configured on top, which can be any Linux file system, e.g. ext4 or btfrs.

 SEP Backup Software Process to SUSE Enterprise Storage using RADOS Block Device

  1. S3 – object interface provides a world-wide standard when using SES as a local object storage for applications.

 SEP Backup Software Process to SUSE Enterprise Storage using S3 Connector

  1. iSCSI – This offers the most convenient LAN interface for backup target use.

 SEP Backup Software Process to SUSE Enterprise Storage using iSCSI

Combining SEP Software with SES will create a secure, highly scalable solution with enough space for any amount of data and growth rate. Data is deduplicated to reduce the amount of SES space required to store a protected backup copy. SEP encrypts all data from start to finish, which means data is encrypted at rest and in motion during the transfer. The practices of securing tested backups that are encrypted end-to-end is the only way to guarantee data protection.

What’s next - Visit us at SAPPHIRE NOW!

SEP Software will be attending the 2019 SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference with SUSE. Stop by booth #2246 any time to visit with SUSE and SEP and don’t miss SEP’s presentation on Wednesday, May 8, 2019 at 4:00pm in the SUSE Theatre. If you would like to build a plan for your business with SEP Backup and Recovery, contact SEP at You can also download a free 30-day trail of SEP Software to test the software at any time.