Webinar - SEP and Oracle Present “Backup & Recovery Best Practices with SEP Sesam and Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager”

by SEP Blog Team | Backup, Backup Software, Disaster Recovery

A Threat to your Data: Password Spraying

by SEP Blog Team | Cybersecurity, password security

What Is Password Spraying?

Password spraying is an attack where a criminal passes a large number of usernames into a program that tries to find the matching password by using common passwords or...

Methods for Destroying Old Data

by SEP Blog Team | Tape Backup, Data destruction, disk storage, Backup best practices

When you create a backup of any type of data, there inevitably comes a time when the backup is no longer needed and you need to retire your assets in a safe way. Maybe you have sufficient backups of...

How to Prevent a Point of Entry for Ransomware

by SEP Blog Team | Ransomware, Data Protection

The tactics used by cyber criminals are constantly evolving. Fighting off malware, viruses, and hackers may seem like an endless challenge that you can't win but there are measures you can take to...

6 Tips for Disaster Recovery Planning in Healthcare Organizations

by SEP Blog Team | Disaster Recovery, healthcare data protection

A disaster recovery plan is imperative for all businesses, however, some industries are more sensitive to downtime and have become the target of more to attacks. The healthcare industry processes and...

Backup vs Snapshot: What's the Difference?

by SEP Blog Team | Snapshots, VM Backup

VM snapshots are a simple and effective way to roll a virtual machine back to a point in time. Mistakenly, some still view snapshots as a backup because they allow a VM to return to a previous state....

Why You Need a G Suite Backup Solution

by SEP Blog Team | Data Protection, SaaS Backup, G Suite Backup

G Suite is a popular platform for many businesses to run their organization because it's any easy choice to make. G Suite comes from a universally trusted brand, it's easy and intuitive to use, and...

How to Determine Disaster Recovery Objectives

by SEP Blog Team | Backup Strategy, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity

Understanding how often to backup your organization's critical data, applications and systems depends on how you want recovery to run. The goal for managing your backup strategy should be to mitigate...

Effective Multi Cloud Storage Management Strategies

by SEP Blog Team | cloud backup, cloud storage

One of the most prominent security challenges IT managers will see with multi-cloud storage is the lack of visibility into how data is stored and transferred within cloud platforms. It can cause...

Ransomware Backup Strategy Guidelines to Help Ensure Recovery

by SEP Blog Team | Backup Strategy, Ransomware

Backing up your data is the number one defense mechanism against ransomware. However, a backup solution must be implemented with a ransomware strategy in mind to ensure you can restore your...