How to Maximize Business Continuity with Data Backup

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If a disaster strikes your business and your important data is lost, how easy would it be for your business to recover? Could your business keep running if that data was gone, or would you be...

6 Tips for Protecting Your Business Data

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Protecting your business data from potential info security breaches does not have to be an impossible and inscrutable task. In fact, by following these six guidelines, you can discover and plug...

The 5 Biggest Backup Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

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It’s true what they say in information technology—often, the most common source of error in a system is the one between the keyboard and the chair. When it comes to ensuring your critical business...

7 Reasons to Have ONE Backup Solution for the Enterprise

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Q: Is a single backup and recovery solution ideal for all physical and virtual servers, or should companies buy a separate product for virtual machines?

A: 73% of companies using separate...

You Can Avoid Paying Cyber Ransom!

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Protect your valuable data from cyber-attacks by implementing an industry leading backup and disaster recovery solution

  • When businesses first recognize that they have been the victim of a...

Are you Deduplicating your Data?

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Getting low on disc space? Are you Deduplicating your Data?

Instead of continuously buying new disc space, why not use your existing footprint and leverage SEP Si3 Inline Deduplication.


Is Your Backup Solution Cluster-Ready?

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With today's complex IT environments, many companies have implemented clusters to ensure high availability and manageability of critical network resources.  When dealing with mission-critical...

Why should I even backup my VDI environments?

We are asked this question often and I think it’s time to address this topic. You may think that everything there is to be said about backups and disaster recovery has already been said; however, it...