How to Prevent a Point of Entry for Ransomware

by SEP Blog Team | Ransomware, Data Protection

The tactics used by cyber criminals are constantly evolving. Fighting off malware, viruses, and hackers may seem like an endless challenge that you can't win but there are measures you can take to...

Ransomware Backup Strategy Guidelines to Help Ensure Recovery

by SEP Blog Team | Backup Strategy, Ransomware

Backing up your data is the number one defense mechanism against ransomware. However, a backup solution must be implemented with a ransomware strategy in mind to ensure you can restore your...

How to Avoid Paying Cyber Ransom with SEP

by SEP Blog Team | Backup Software, Disaster Recovery, Encryption, Ransomware

Protect your valuable data from cyber-attacks by implementing an industry leading backup and disaster recovery solution

  • When businesses first recognize that they have been the victim of a...