How to Avoid Paying Cyber Ransom with SEP

by SEP Blog Team | Backup Software, Encryption, Ransomware, Disaster Recovery

Protect your valuable data from cyber-attacks by implementing an industry leading backup and disaster recovery solution

  • When businesses first recognize that they have been the victim of a...

Is Your Backup Solution Cluster-Ready?

by SEP Blog Team | Cluster, Novell, OES, Backup Software

With today's complex IT environments, many companies have implemented clusters to ensure high availability and manageability of critical network resources.  When dealing with mission-critical...

Why should I even backup my VDI environments?

by SEP Blog Team | Citrix Backup, Backup Software, Citrix XenServer Backup, Citrix VDI, Citrix Hypervisor Backup

We are asked this question often and I think it’s time to address this topic. You may think that everything there is to be said about backups and disaster recovery has already been said; however, it...