Webinar - SEP and Oracle Present “Backup & Recovery Best Practices with SEP Sesam and Oracle Linux Virtualization Manager”

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6 Tips for Disaster Recovery Planning in Healthcare Organizations

by SEP Blog Team | Disaster Recovery, healthcare data protection

A disaster recovery plan is imperative for all businesses, however, some industries are more sensitive to downtime and have become the target of more to attacks. The healthcare industry processes and...

How to Determine Disaster Recovery Objectives

by SEP Blog Team | Backup Strategy, Disaster Recovery, Business Continuity

Understanding how often to backup your organization's critical data, applications and systems depends on how you want recovery to run. The goal for managing your backup strategy should be to mitigate...

Are Tape Backups Still Relevant?

by SEP Blog Team | Backup Strategy, Disaster Recovery, Data Protection, Tape Backup

Tapes have been around for almost a century and, although they have seen many different uses, today they are primarily used by companies for enterprise backup. Data is backed up to tape, which are...

How to Maximize Business Continuity with Data Backup

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If a disaster strikes your business and your important data is lost, how easy would it be for your business to recover? Could your business keep running if that data was gone, or would you be forced...

The 5 Biggest Backup Mistakes You Can Easily Avoid

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It’s true what they say in information technology—often, the most common source of error in a system is the one between the keyboard and the chair. When it comes to ensuring your critical business...

How to Avoid Paying Cyber Ransom with SEP

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Protect your valuable data from cyber-attacks by implementing an industry leading backup and disaster recovery solution

  • When businesses first recognize that they have been the victim of a...