Cloud Replication as a Service

by SEP Blog Team | Data Replication, Replication as a Service

Cloud Replication as a Service provides redundancy for disaster recovery as well as an additional source for  data restore. There is nothing more important than the security of your business' data. Cloud replication can enhance data security by providing an additional location and medium to store data.

So why do you need additional copies of your data? In a disastrous incident it is expected that the data center or technology is gone and no longer functioning, so your basic responsibility is to restore the technology environment to an operational level within a prescribed timeframe. Remote data replication is the process of making a "copy" or backup of your data to a remote site.

Without this data you would have no historical data to process. Having a copy or replica of the data gives you the chance to at least pick up close to when you were impacted by the interruption, once the data is restored on comparable equipment.

What is Cloud Replication?

Cloud replication is the process of storing data information in a virtualized storage center that is accessible from a multitude of different computers. With a proactive and secure cloud replication system, you are not only protecting your IT infrastructure, but ensuring that recovery time, a recovery point, and the cost expectations of your business are managed in the event of a disaster.

Important Features of Cloud Replication as a Service

Cost-effectiveness: Reduce time, money, and resources expended through the use of cloud replication
  • Curtail the expense of hiring technical maintenance and support staff.

  • There is no need to own multiple data centers and spend 50% of an IT budget to ensure recovery.

  • When data is replicated to the cloud, there’s no need to purchase additional servers or equipment.

Real-time Server Management: Faster backup windows, improved performance and stronger data security
  • Replicate your essential applications and servers within hours.

  • Without shutting down operations, manage cloud replication on your own schedule.

  • Schedule system updates and maintenance operations without affecting your business and without data is loss.

24/7 Protection
  • Automated server protection allows cloud replication system to automatically redirect users and applications to a replicated cloud environment in the event of server interruption.

  • Protect multiple virtual environments, websites, and keep client information confidential and secure through automated server protection.

Working a vendor to manage a piece of your data protection strategy will come with challenges. You need to find the right vendor that can provide continuity with data security, data availability, and encryption for any data transfer.

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SEP Replication is an easy and secure way to consistently replicate data between a main data center, a disaster recovery site, remote locations, and the cloud, providing redundancy for disaster recovery as well as reducing overall disk and tape storage requirements. SEP Software offers easy-to-implement Replication as a Service and Disaster Recovery as a Service so you can take advantage of some of the benefits of these practices without accepting the burden of building the infrastructure yourself.

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