Setting the Standard: the best Citrix Hypervisor Backups

by SEP Blog Team | Virtual Backup, Citrix XenServer Backup, Citrix Hypervisor Backup

In Cisco’s 2017 Annual Cybersecurity Report, the numbers related to ransomware and other virtual attacks are quite alarming. Based on the data from their report, it is clear that businesses have a lot more to lose than just data during a cyber attack. That is why we offer multiple ways for you to keep your data safe in all virtual environments.

SEP software is Citrix Ready certified for Citrix Hypervisor and Citrix Apps & Desktops. Our solutions are capable of providing many options to enhance security and assist in meeting compliance requirements for all systems. One of the bigger bonuses in working with SEP is that we ensure any feature is always fully accessible in one easy-to-use interface. This article explores two important backup features we offer for Citrix Hypervisor.

Encrypted Agentless Backups

SEP software can communicate directly with a Citrix environment, which creates a treasure chest of features, including end-to-end encryption and instant notifications, at your fingertips. A SEP backup data stream is encrypted at rest and in-motion from the second the data transfer is started to the final backup location, cloud disk or tape. Notifications and log files can be sent via email or text to provide tracking information and instant alerts for completed or failed backup jobs.

Native communication between SEP and the Citrix API eliminates the need for a backup agent on the Citrix Hypervisor. This lowers costs, optimizes backup performance and reduces the need to communicate with agents on VMs. The direct communication also grants you the flexibility of using whichever operating system you like for VMs. SEP uses Snapshot Detection and Citrix XenTools to analyze the operating system of a VM and can initiate a snapshot directly via the hypervisor. These same features extend to a high availability cluster environment so any size Citrix environment can be secured with SEP.

Online Quiesced Backup

Our online quiesced backup solution efficiently performs a backup of an active VM whenever needed. This provides better performance for active users and processes accessing the VM and eliminates any downtime during the backup. This process takes advantage of the Citrix VSS using Citrix XenTools to allow consistent backups for applications that are VSS-aware, like Exchange and SQL.

Online backups protect the VM configuration, storage information, and VIFs on any operating system. Again, since there is no downtime required on the VM, you get a  flawless backup of your data plus any VSS-aware applications can to set up a consistent state of the files for backup.

A Valuable Backup Solution

SEP backup and recovery software installation is quick and seamless because of consistent direct communication with Citrix Hypervisor. Admins will appreciate the ease of implementation and use for Citrix environments.   SEP Software has been a Citrix partner since 2009 and has continued to cultivate a relationship with Citrix to offer data secure virtual environments. SEP provides one of the most robust and easily scalable backup solutions on the market today.

What’s Next

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