Yes, You Need to Backup Office 365

by SEP Blog Team | Data Protection, Office 365 Backup, SaaS Backup

Data loss is a clear and present danger to U.S. businesses across the country. The first thing we need to do is establish the fact that Microsoft does not have any obligation to backup your Office 365 data. According to their service level agreement, Microsoft guarantees the infrastructure they provide you as a service and availability to your data anywhere, anytime. They do not guarantee your data or the protection of your data.

Microsoft Experts in their own words

Microsoft MVP Brien Posey says that “you might not have as many options for restoring your data as you might think. As such, it is critically important to understand your options for disaster recovery in an Office 365 environment.”

“Microsoft says they also perform traditional backups of Office 365 servers. However, those backups are used for internal purposes only if they experience a catastrophic event that wiped out large volumes of customer data…”

He also points out that there is no “provision for reverting a mailbox server to an earlier point in time" (such as might be necessary if a virus corrupted all the mailboxes on a server).

O365 has been affected by viruses and malware before. In July 2016, a ransomware called Cerber was in the headlines because of a monstrous zero-day attack on Office 365 subscribers. Plus, Microsoft reported that about 150,000 Windows users were infected by Cerber through 161 identified campaigns. In 2017 over 300,000 machines were taken down by the WannaCry malware alone. 11.7 million USD was paid on data security in 2017, according to a study conducted in 2017 by Ponemon Institute LLC and Accenture. “Because contacts and documents are synced between the device and the Office 365 servers, the wipeout also deletes data on the server-side. With no backups available, a company can lose valuable information.”

There is always the possibility of employee error like accidental deletion of a file that might be recoverable. A disgruntled employee can wreak havoc on your data by deleting large blocks of information.

The only real way to protect your business from data loss in Office 365 caused by a cyber attack or employee error is by having a backup of your data that is not part of Office 365's replication service, like OneDrive. If you don't have these safeguards, your business can be severely impacted by any loss of data. Office 365 does not keep complete backups and archives of your past data. What is needed is a backup tool that can guarantee reliable backups and quick granular recovery.

Five Critical Backup issues facing O365 users:

  1. External and internal security threats
  2. Managing hybrid email migrations and deployments to Office 365
  3. Accidental deletion
  4. Retention policy confusion and gaps
  5. Legal and compliance requirements

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