Are Tape Backups Still Relevant?

by SEP Blog Team | Backup Strategy, Disaster Recovery, Data Protection, Tape Backup

Tapes have been around for almost a century and, although they have seen many different uses, today they are primarily used by companies for enterprise backup. Data is backed up to tape, which are...

Why Data Management is a C-Level Issue

by SEP Blog Team | Data Protection

Data management is a process that includes acquiring, validating, storing, protecting, and processing all of the required data that an organization needs to do business. Organizations are dependent...

How to Protect Data in a Mobile World

by SEP Blog Team | Data Protection, Remote Data Backup

Two trends are changing the modern workplace: first, businesses are employing more virtual or remote workers and, second, the digital world is creating new threats. It's estimated that 42.5% of...

Backup Strategies for SUSE Linux and SUSE Enterprise Storage

by SEP Blog Team | Backup Strategy, SUSE Enterprise Storage, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server, SAP HANA

SEP Backup and Disaster Recovery Software has been a certified solution for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server (SLES) since version 7, released in 2001. This long-lasting partnership has grown since its...

Cybersecurity Basics: Things You Need to Know

by SEP Blog Team | Cybersecurity

Do you think your business is at risk of being hacked? Some believe that their business doesn't have much that a hacker would want. But your company might be at risk more than you realize. Beyond...

Setting the Standard: the best Citrix Hypervisor Backups

by SEP Blog Team | Virtual Backup, Citrix XenServer Backup, Citrix Hypervisor Backup

In Cisco’s 2017 Annual Cybersecurity Report, the numbers related to ransomware and other virtual attacks are quite alarming. Based on the data from their report, it is clear that businesses have a...

SEP and Citrix Hypervisor: A Virtual Data Protection Duo

by SEP Blog Team | Virtual Backup, Citrix XenServer Backup, Citrix Hypervisor Backup

SEP Software has been a Citrix partner since 2009 and have continued to build a relationship with Citrix to offer data secure virtual environments. Citrix offers a comprehensive virtualization and...

Cloud Replication as a Service

by SEP Blog Team | Data Replication, Replication as a Service

Cloud Replication as a Service provides redundancy for disaster recovery as well as an additional source for data restore. There is nothing more important than the security of your business' data....

Disadvantages of Remote Backup

by SEP Blog Team | Remote Data Backup

Regardless of the size of your business, every company needs a backup system. There are too many instances of businesses losing data that can involve years of hard work consolidating critical and...

Advantages of Remote Data Backup

by SEP Blog Team | Remote Data Backup

The need for remote access to data is growing exponentially. Employees are working from remote locations, on-the-go locations, laptops, and mobile devices. Thetrends in data cannot be ignored: